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A theft, possibly the biggest heist in Canadian history made the headlines around the world in April 2023. A shipping container packed with high-value goods, including gold, worth an estimated $20 million was stolen from Toronto’s Pearson Airport, according to Peel Regional Police. We examine how our secure transport solution Remote Planet would have stopped the robbers.

In a statement to CBC News, The Greater Toronto Airports Authority, which runs the airport, said the thieves accessed the public side of a warehouse leased to a third party, and that area is outside of its primary security line.

“As per normal procedure the aircraft was unloaded, and cargo was transported from the aircraft to a holding cargo facility. Once this cargo was offloaded at the holding facility, subsequent to its arrival, this high-value container was removed by illegal means.”

Peel Regional Police Inspector | Stephen Duivesteyn.

Our first thought was, ‘it wouldn’t have been stolen with Remote Planet’.

How could Remote Planet have prevented the robbery?

Had the aforementioned shipping container been fitted with Secure Innovation’s Remote Planet tracking and management solution the robbery could have been foiled. Depending how the criminals attempted to steal the goods would dictate how Remote Planet would protect the goods.

If the whole container was stolen.

Reports indicate the whole container with the valuable goods inside was stolen.  

In this case if Remote Planet had been fitted, the container could be tracked anywhere around the world, even in remote locations with no GSM (mobile phone coverage) thanks to its LEO capabilities. A security team could even manage its security functions remotely from any PC or mobile phone with its unique two-way communication feature.

Remote Planet can be programmed so that the container sends alerts when moved in, or out of defined GEO locations. This GEO location would have been live in the example of the Canadian heist while it was being held in the warehouse to clear customs. It would send automated reports and updates to the Remote Planet dashboard and would have instantly alerted the team if it was moved ‘illegally’.

The container could have pre-programmed functions, such as releasing CRIMETAG® forensic spray all over the goods inside if it was moved from a GEO location without pre-approval. Ultimately if the container was breached before the authorities apprehended the criminals all goods would be permanently coated with a non-toxic invisible forensic marker. This would be traceable as the goods turned up in circulation, providing an immutable evidence chain to secure convictions.

If the container was breached.

If the robbers made away with the valuables through breaking into the container Remote Planet could have also prevented any losses through automatic threat responses.  

Our unique tracking and management tool can integrate with defence systems such as fogging generators, where the container would be instantaneously filled with harmless smoke. Making it impossible for the thieves to manoeuvre the goods out of the container due to the impenetrable visibility. This system can also be fitted with a CRIMETAG® spray unit which dispenses a fine mist of traceable forensic security solution over both the goods and the perpetrators. This links the criminals to the theft with a unique ‘fingerprint’ within the forensic marker. Remote Planet could also trigger an audio alarm to alert any security guards in the vicinity.

Whenever, and however, the sealed container was breached Remote Planet would instantly send an alert to the security team via the software dashboard. Enabling them to raise the alert with either the airport authorities or the third-party contractor immediately. Possibly apprehending the theft in progress.

Secure Transport

The unique functionality and auto-responses makes Remote Planet the first choice for secure transport including air freight. To find out more about how this works safely, even in the air for your logistics business, get in touch with our team.