Do you need a cutting-edge technology solution to help you manage renewable resources?

The problem

The world is changing faster than ever. We are in the middle of a climate crisis, with the planet’s natural resources declining and extreme weather events becoming more frequent. Protecting our limited resources and minimising waste is our most urgent challenge.

Climate change is impacting people’s safety. Extreme weather events put people and physical property at greater risk.

The Solution

What if intelligent technology could help us overcome these challenges?

Remote Planet will enable the monitoring and management of natural resources and assets around the world, whether they be wind turbines, solar farms, water sources or habitats. Giving you instant visibility of exceptional events such as infrastructure failure, water overspills or contamination levels, with pre-programmed automatic responses to deal with the issue immediately. Remote Planet’s satellite technology enables real-time monitoring and management of even the most remote assets without the need for expensive, time-consuming physical site visits.

Measure, monitor and manage resources to protect the planet.

renewables and farming

Ensuring a safe and secure future for the environment

With bespoke solutions tailored to meet your requirements, our cutting-edge solutions can be utilised to monitor and protect anything from natural resources to habitats or endangered species. We can optimise the management of these resources, but it can also offer security to protect them.

Minimise your carbon footprint, save time and cost, and help to preserve the natural world.

Key features

Two-way communication
Remote management
Global coverage
Customisable solution
Status updates

How can Remote Planet help protect our most important environmental resources?

Accurate visibility

For all assets in your network at any time using multiple satellite channels, providing back-up for GSM

Automatic response

Optimise automated processes and pre-programme the system to respond to an exceptional event

Automatic updates

Over-the-air programme updates conveniently and consistently enhance the functionality of the system


Improved accountability of exceptional events and easier policing of regulations and standards


Manage operations remotely from a centralised location

Cost saving

Fewer servicing visits and physical asset verification checks

Faster response

Reduces time needed to respond to exceptional events


Easy to integrate with existing systems, minimising up-front costs

Operational efficiency

Reduce the number of site visits through clear, accurate and actionable data

Remote management

24/7 visibility and control from a central location

Restricted access

Only authorised personnel in authorised locations can access assets


For staff and the public


Automated alarms and connection to security services, reduces risks and prevents attacks


Remote Planet will grow with your business and can be tailored to your needs

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