remote planet app

Remote Planet App

remote planet app

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The Remote Planet App is an additional supporting software package that allows you to perform specific tasks when out on location.

It uses encrypted communication to perform functions such as unlocking a secure asset without the need for physical keys, making the process more secure. The Remote Planet App ensures only authorised personnel in authorised locations are able to gain access to assets. The app enables dynamic scheduling of services and integrates with existing management systems to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Access for the right person, in the right location with the right equipment.

Key features

Two-way communication
Simple to use
Auto alerts
Encrypted communication
Smart phone app

How can the Remote Planet App improve your operations?

Encrypted communication

For ultimate security of your operations

Faster response

Instant updates to enable dynamic servicing and the best service for customers

Restricted access

Only authorised personnel in authorised locations can access assets

Operational efficiency

Improved data reporting, communication, and compliance to exceptional events


Removes the need for unnecessary tools, equipment and services

Lower insurance

Risk and costs

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Wondering how the Remote Planet App can improve your Remote Planet experience?