Cash Management

Could your cash management system benefit from improved security and efficiency?

The problem

Cash is, and will always be, an essential part of society. However, the storage and transportation of cash presents inherent security risks due to the attractiveness of cash to criminals. The cash management industry is traditionally faced with high costs, low margins and constantly evolving methods of criminal attacks, and it must be able to rely on cutting edge technology solutions in order to operate effectively and efficiently to preserve the future of cash.

The Solution

Remote visibility, protection and control of your cash eco-system with defined geolocations

Transform your cash management services with Remote Planet. Integrating with existing management and security systems, Remote Planet will seamlessly improve the security and efficiency of your cash management operations. The geolocation function provides a bespoke solution to enable you to manage multi-layer security and rationalise your vehicle fleet.

Offer better customer service through dynamic servicing with expedited collection times. Improve your ATM security with remote visibility and two-way communication with your network. Implement hidden Remote Planet tracking hardware to track and trace stolen cash.

Monitor, manage and secure all your cash management operations from a single central location.

cash security ATMs

Increase security, minimise losses and improve efficiency

Remote Planet enables cash management companies to improve security and operational efficiencies which in turn will protect the flow of cash in society. Integrating seamlessly across any estate of vehicles, cash boxes and ATMs, Remote Planet is the only bespoke monitoring, tracking and remote management platform specifically designed for the cash management industry.

Remote Planet enables you to track, trace and recover stolen cash and cassettes, remotely managing the security of your cash management estate.

Download the brochure to find out how the Remote Planet App enhances the functionality of Remote Planet for the cash in transit industry.

“The seamless integration with Remote Planet gave us a competitive advantage in our digital solution offerings that increases service levels and efficiency for our key customers.”

Luke Sebastian OpenSys Technologies

Key features

Two-way communication
Remote management
Remote Planet App
Automatic response
Global coverage

How can Remote Planet improve your cash security business?

Accurate visibility

For all assets in your network at any time using multiple satellite channels, providing back-up for GSM

Automatic response

Optimise automated processes and pre-programme the system to respond to an exceptional event

Automatic updates

Over-the-air programme updates conveniently and consistently enhance the functionality of the system


Records processes to ensure staff are following protocols for safety


Manage operations remotely from a centralised location

Cost saving

Fewer servicing visits and physical asset verification checks


Limits opportunities to be a target for criminals and CRIMETAG® can trace criminals

Faster response

Reduces time needed to respond to exceptional events


Easy to integrate with existing systems, minimising up-front costs

Lower insurance

Risks and costs

Operational efficiency

Improved data reporting, communication, and compliance

Reduced financial loss

From damage, theft or loss

Remote management

24/7 visibility and control from a central location

Restricted access

Only authorised personnel in authorised locations can access assets


For staff and the public


Automated alarms and connection to security services, reduces risks and prevents attacks


Remote Planet will grow with your business and can be tailored to your needs

Optimise the functionality of Remote Planet

Over time you can add more of your assets and infrastructure to Remote Planet, making everything easy to manage in one place with a familiar interface.


Remote Cash

The covert tracker that recovers stolen cash.


Remote Cassette

Discreet ATM cassette and cash tracking.

ATM Security.

Remote ATM

Reduce cash theft and increase cash machine protection.


Remote Vehicle

Secure your vehicles with the connected fleet management tool.

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