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Accessing remote assets efficiently is a challenge that many industries are facing today. When shipments, buildings, and vehicles are in remote locations, it can be difficult to find ways to monitor and protect these valuable assets. In addition, safeguarding vulnerable people and infrastructure in remote locations can be complex, as it requires a comprehensive approach that takes into account various factors such as security, safety, and logistics. By simply controlling our global assets and infrastructure remotely and efficiently, we could minimise our carbon footprint, save time and cost, and help to preserve the natural world.

What if you could meet all these challenges and more with complete control, from anywhere in the world, through a single, easy-to-use platform?

What are the benefits of Remote Planet?

Utilities & Infrastructure

Utilities & Infrastructure

Managing our critical assets, keeping power and clean water flowing. Remote Planet relays instant responses to exceptional events to maintain a reliable supply. Always-on two-way communications help to optimise automated processes, reduce site visits and carbon emissions, to improve efficiency.

Protecting People

Protecting People

Safeguarding people in the most challenging circumstances. Prevention is the first line of defence for workers in remote or high-risk locations. Remote Planet’s always-on communication provides immediate location and status information enabling potential threats to be assessed and managed accordingly.

Buildings Protection

Buildings Protection

Keeping property safe and secure, both at home and at work. Remote Planet allows you to remotely monitor your building’s security and environmental status with two-way communication enabling an immediate automated response to any unauthorised or exceptional incident.

Secure Logistics

Secure Logistics

Protecting your valuable assets on the move. Remote Planet gives real-time visibility and control over multiple valuable assets, anywhere in the world. Increased security and enhanced operational management mean that you can move more high value assets in a single shipment, reducing costs and lowering your carbon footprint.



Conserving the planet’s limited resources whilst optimising what we use. What if intelligent technology could help us overcome environmental challenges? Remote Planet ensures a safe and secure future for the environment.

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Cash Management

Cash Management

Preserving cash for future generations. Transform your cash management services with Remote Planet. Integrating with existing management and security systems, Remote Planet will seamlessly improve the security and efficiency of your cash management operations.

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