Utilities & Infrastructure

Are you trying to manage the continuous, safe supply of essential utilities?

The problem

The safe, responsible, continuous provision of essential utilities and infrastructure is critical to society. Providers of power, water, waste & recycling, communications and transport all have a duty to ensure that present and future supply is maintained in a responsible, safe and environmentally sustainable way.

Incidents such as water contamination, power outages, gas and water leaks not only cause interruptions in supply and unnecessary costs, but also create huge environmental and public safety concerns.

The Solution

Instant responses to exceptional events to maintain a reliable supply

Remote Planet gives instant visibility of exceptional events, and pre-programed automatic responses to deal with these events in the safest, most efficient way. This improves accountability and enables easier policing of regulations and standards. The number of physical site visits can also be reduced through clear accurate data, remote monitoring, management and response, leading to improved efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

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Optimise processes, reduce site visits and improve efficiency

Remote Planet can minimise waste and reduce costs by monitoring demand management and using data analytics to improve visibility of supply. Adopting innovative solutions such as Remote Planet is the key for utilities companies, enabling them to become more agile, efficient and environmentally responsible.

The clear, accurate, and actionable data can be used to make informed decisions about resource allocation and management. Offering on-demand remote response and control of critical resources from an ‘always-on’ central location ensures their operations remain efficient and effective.

“Utilities need to evolve. They need to become much more agile. They need to become much more lean in the way that they approach the business processes that they take care of, and also be able to capture business opportunities with that agility. Technology is playing a role. New technologies are fundamental for utilities to address these new business models.”

Miguel Gaspar Silva Global Head of Utilities IBU for SAP

Ref: The Utilities Industry Is At The Center Of A Massive Global Shift | James Mclelland, Global Industry Marketing Director, Utilities and Energy, SAP

Key features

Two-way communication
Remote management
Global coverage
Minimal latency
Universally compatible
Status updates

How can Remote Planet improve the supply of critical utilities?

Accurate visibility

For all assets in your network at any time using multiple satellite channels, providing back-up for GSM

Automatic response

Optimise automated processes and pre-programme the system to respond to an exceptional event

Automatic updates

Over-the-air programme updates conveniently and consistently enhance the functionality of the system


Improved accountability of exceptional events and easier policing of regulations and standards


Manage operations remotely from a centralised location

Cost saving

Fewer servicing visits and physical asset verification checks

Faster response

Reduces time needed to respond to exceptional events


Easy to integrate with existing systems, minimising up-front costs

Operational efficiency

Improved data reporting, communication, and compliance

Reduced financial loss

From damage, theft or loss

Remote management

24/7 visibility and control from a central location

Restricted access

Only authorised personnel in authorised locations can access assets


For staff and the public


Automated alarms and connection to security services, reduces risks and prevents attacks


Remote Planet will grow with your business and can be tailored to your needs

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Do you need to manage exceptional events more efficiently to maintain supply?