Secure Logistics

Does you need 24/7 visibility of valuable items in transit around the world?

The problem

Transporting valuable items around the world by road, sea or air presents unique security challenges. Traditional trackers can often lose sight of a shipment depending on the remoteness of its location. Basic dot-on-a-map trackers are also unable to provide essential status information such as temperature, humidity or other environmental data.

The Solution

Visibility and control over multiple valuable assets, anywhere in the world

Remote Planet gives 24/7 visibility of assets in transit as well as the power to monitor and manage the security and safety protocols for all consignments from a centralised dashboard. Whether your valuable asset is located in the middle of the ocean, or in the cargo hold of an aeroplane, Remote Planet lets you see it, and control it. Our GSM and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) ‘always on’ global coverage enables continuous tracking and management. Remote Planet can also detect its location and change its tracking mode, for example GSM can be automatically disabled when entering an aeroplane’s cargo hold.

Security requirements can also be programmed to change depending on pre-determined geolocations. The Remote Planet App ensures a secure container can only be opened by an authorised person in an authorised location, using encrypted communication.

Two-way communication enables you to react to any exceptional or unusual environmental change which may be caused by a security or safety threat.

secure logistics

Move more, and higher value items with improved security and reduced costs

Transport one-off, or multiple high value items anywhere around the world. Improving efficiency and reducing emissions. Remote Planet improves security levels and allows larger volumes of valuable assets to be moved safely in one shipment by reducing criminal opportunities. Change the outcome of events and perceived risks through remote communication and control.

Key features

Two-way communication
Remote Planet app
Global coverage
Satellite tracking
Tamper detection

How can Remote Planet improve your secure logistics business?

Accurate visibility

For all assets in your network at any time using multiple satellite channels, providing back-up for GSM

Automatic response

Optimise automated processes and pre-programme the system to respond to an exceptional event

Automatic updates

Over-the-air programme updates conveniently and consistently enhance the functionality of the system


Records processes to ensure staff are following protocols for safety


Manage operations remotely from a centralised location


Provides a clear deterrent to criminals especially when combined with CRIMETAG®, the unique forensic marker

Faster response

Reduces time needed to respond to exceptional events


Easy to integrate with existing systems, minimising up-front costs

Lower insurance

Risks and costs

Operational efficiency

Improved data reporting, communication, and compliance

Reduced financial loss

From damage, theft or loss

Remote management

24/7 visibility and control from a central location

Restricted access

Only authorised personnel in authorised locations can access assets


For staff and the public


Automated alarms and connection to security services, reduces risks and prevents attacks


Remote Planet will grow with your business and can be tailored to your needs

Optimise the functionality of Remote Planet

Over time you can add more of your assets and infrastructure to Remote Planet, making everything easy to manage in one place with a familiar interface.


Remote Securecrate

Monitor and control your shipment’s status anywhere in the world.


Remote Vehicle

Secure your vehicles with the connected fleet management tool.


Remote Trailer

Power up your protection, secure any asset, anywhere.

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