Buildings Protection

Does your business have vulnerable buildings or critical locations where security, safety and protection are paramount?

The problem

Buildings in remote or isolated locations or those housing high value assets are inherently vulnerable to criminal attacks or damage.

Different areas within a building with unique operating conditions present their own specific safety challenges. Various environmental factors may need to be monitored such as noise levels, temperature or humidity in order to ensure the continuing safety of the operation.

The Solution

Communicate with your building to mitigate security and safety risks

Remote Planet’s building control system manages the protection level of any building from a centralised dashboard allowing you to communicate with your building. Using bespoke, pre-determined settings and responses the system will detect an illegal intruder or an unusual hazardous event and react accordingly. It integrates with your existing security system to add exceptional benefits with minimal cost.

Remote Planet can trigger an alarm system, release disorientating fog, spray CRIMETAG® (the unique forensic marker) and alert your control room if an intruder is detected.

Exceptional or unusual environmental changes can be detected enabling emergency safety protocols to be automatically activated or manually overridden.

Monitor, automate and activate the system for ultimate safety and control from a single central location, providing instant, continuous protection for any location.

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Intelligent buildings protection

Remote Planet is a customised solution to meet each individual business and even location’s need. It integrates with existing security systems to add benefit with minimal cost. You can manage access to the secured building using our encrypted Remote Planet App, giving you clear visibility of dates, times, actions and events.

Protect independent structures, internal rooms and vulnerable spaces from intruders and hazards.

Key features

Two-way communication
Remote management
Remote Planet app
Auto alerts
Universally compatible
Intruder sensors

How can Remote Planet protect your vulnerable buildings and spaces?

Accurate visibility

For all assets in your network at any time using multiple satellite channels, providing back-up for GSM

Automatic response

Optimise automated processes and pre-programme the system to respond to an exceptional event

Automatic updates

Over-the-air programme updates conveniently and consistently enhance the functionality of the system


Improved accountability of exceptional events and easier policing of regulations and standards


Manage operations remotely from a centralised location

Cost saving

Fewer servicing visits and physical asset verification checks


Provides a clear deterrent to criminals especially when combined with CRIMETAG®, the unique forensic marker

Faster response

Reduces time needed to respond to exceptional events


Easy to integrate with existing systems, minimising up-front costs

Lower insurance

Risks and costs

Operational efficiency

Improved data reporting, communication, and compliance

Reduced financial loss

From damage, theft or loss

Remote management

24/7 visibility and control from a central location

Restricted access

Only authorised personnel in authorised locations can access assets


For staff and the public


Automated alarms and connection to security services, reduces risks and prevents attacks


Remote Planet will grow with your business and can be tailored to your needs

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Does your business have premises in vulnerable locations or with safety risks?