Remotely manage critical assets & protect resources. Reach your world.

Remote Planet offers real access without physical presence, allowing you to have control over your critical assets from anywhere in the world.  Harnessing the power of satellite technology, this convenient solution provides 24/7 monitoring, management, protection and control to safeguard your assets and operations.

What are the benefits of Remote Planet?

Utilities & Infrastructure

Utilities & Infrastructure

Managing our critical assets, keeping power and clean water flowing. Remote Planet relays instant responses to exceptional events to maintain a reliable supply. Always-on two-way communications help to optimise automated processes, reduce site visits and carbon emissions, to improve efficiency.

Protecting People

Protecting People

Safeguarding people in the most challenging circumstances. Prevention is the first line of defence for workers in remote or high-risk locations. Remote Planet’s always-on communication provides immediate location and status information enabling potential threats to be assessed and managed accordingly.

Buildings Protection

Buildings Protection

Keeping property safe and secure, both at home and at work. Remote Planet allows you to remotely monitor your building’s security and environmental status with two-way communication enabling an immediate automated response to any unauthorised or exceptional incident.

Secure Logistics

Secure Logistics

Protecting your valuable assets on the move. Remote Planet gives real-time visibility and control over multiple valuable assets, anywhere in the world. Increased security and enhanced operational management mean that you can move more high value assets in a single shipment, reducing costs and lowering your carbon footprint.



Conserving the planet’s limited resources whilst optimising what we use. What if intelligent technology could help us overcome environmental challenges? Remote Planet ensures a safe and secure future for the environment.

environmental resources
Cash Management

Cash Management

Preserving cash for future generations. Transform your cash management services with Remote Planet. Integrating with existing management and security systems, Remote Planet will seamlessly improve the security and efficiency of your cash management operations.

cash management
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What can you do with Remote Planet?


Remote Planet allows you to monitor, manage, protect and control critical assets and infrastructure from anywhere in the world via one secure portal. Giving you access to remote assets like secure containers, buildings, utilities, people and vehicles to improve operational efficiency and security as well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint. With its innovative technology, Remote Planet is set to revolutionise the way we control and manage assets, enabling us to do so remotely, effortlessly, and securely.

Built for ease of use, scalability, and reliability, see what Remote Planet can offer your sector.

Protecting your future.

The world’s resources are limited, and our time precious. By simply controlling our global assets and infrastructure remotely and efficiently, we can minimise our carbon footprint, save time and costs, helping to preserve the natural world.

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01 Reduce Costs

Minimise losses from theft and damage.

The unique functionality of Remote Planet means businesses can increase security and minimise losses from theft and damage. The automated alerts and active control commands give the operator better control and 24/7 visibility of multiple critical assets, reducing losses and improve operational efficiency.

02 Save Time

Optimise automated processes, reduce site visits, and improve efficiency.

Remote Planet can integrate with existing management systems to improve data insights and minimise latency. Automatic responses to alerts and being able to monitor and manage assets, even in remote locations, reduces the need for on-site visits helping to save time, improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary travel and emissions.

03 Preserve Resources

Actively protecting the environment through innovative technology.

Measure, monitor and protect the planet’s resources, ensuring a sustainable future for everyone. By maximising the renewable energy we capture and minimising the water we process, Remote Planet helps businesses to be more efficient. Reducing their carbon footprint to preserve critical resources and safeguard the planet’s future.

“The seamless integration with Remote Planet gave us a competitive advantage in our digital solution offerings that increases service levels and efficiency for our key customers.”

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