Product solutions

Secure Crate

Ultimate Shipping Security.

Transport multiple high value items in bulk with 24/7 visibility and remote management of security functions.


The Smart Locker.

The intelligent, expandable modular locker to protect cash-in-transit.


Intelligent Cash Protection.

The world’s favourite intelligent secure cash box.

Fogging Units

Anti-intrusion security system.

High density fogging solution for vehicles and buildings.


Protect, Deter, Convict.

Unique forensic marking and tracing to assist recovery of stolen goods.

Expand your world

Over time you can add more of your assets and infrastructure to Remote Planet, making everything easy to manage in one place with a familiar interface.

Remotely monitor, manage, protect and control practically any system, asset or infrastructure through a single online portal. Easily communicate with critical assets anywhere in the world no matter where you or your team are.

A truly bespoke system designed to meet your business needs.

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Wondering how Remote Planet can manage and improve your operations?